Personalised advice and consultancy sessions on the management of wellness centres

17 - 20 OCTOBER

Wellness Spa Experience. Hall 1

Free access for all those registered for the show.

Register at the Wellness Spa Experience desk.

Language: Spanish, English, French

Professionals in the wellness sector and those who are interested in opening a new business could take advantage of the personalised consultancy service offered by Gérard ANDRÉ, an international expert who specialises in the wellness sector.

This is an excellent opportunity to prepare and develop a project, share your concerns, address any queries and compare business decisions with an experienced sector professional.

This service encompasses all the areas involved in the management of a wellness centre:

- Business approach
- Planning the space
- Defining the menu of services
- HR management
- Product recommendations
- How to optimize the centre's profitability
- How to improve the customer experience
- Etc.

The advisory sessions will last 30 minutes each.

Who is Gérard André?

- A consultant specialising in the wellness sector.
- President of Tempo Hospitality Consulting. Switzerland.
- First General Manager of Caldea (in Andorra),
overseeing the facility from construction through to profitability.