International Architecture Competition 2021

Once again, we are rewarding young talent, boldness and innovation in the fields of architecture and water. We are proposing a project to be carried out involving an aquatic centre at Barcelona's Gaudí Square.

Deadline: 11 October

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El Latido del agua, First Prize 2019 Awards


11 October: registration deadline.
2 November: deadline for submitting proposals.

Who can take part?

Any student registered in 2021 in any of the Official Architecture Schools around the world.


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What it involves

Present your project for a water park suitable for public bathing: this could be a swimming pool for sports, leisure, relaxing, fun or any other type. We will assess the solutions that reflect on the use of water for health, the environment and as a symbolic and essential element of reference for the life of the planet.


* First prize: 2.000€
* Second prize: 1.000€
* Third prize: 500€

Material for downloading

Download the photos and maps of the intervention area which are necessary to execute the project.

Download material

Check out the winners from 2019

1st PRIZE: The serenity of chaos

For its commitment to sustainability, which proposes generating energy through waterwheels and the continuous movement of water, as well as for the prominence given to water in the proposed image and the space created.

Ramón Díaz, Miguel Rubio, Zaskya Ruíz and Fabián Peña
Universidad Concepción

2ND PRIZE: Bahía 03

For its proposal for the progressive transition between the city´s urban fabric and the water of the sea, using simple geometries that make reference to the city's landmark buildings.

Sergio Jodar, Alejandro Sánchez and Jose Carlos Marin Alcon
Escuela de Arquitectura de Toledo

3RD PRIZE: Rompeolas

For the integration of the landscape in the proposal, evoking the port breakwaters, and the solidity of the architectural proposal through a building submerged in the water.

Miquel Pérez

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