IoT Smart Water Exhibition 

17 - 20 OCTOBER

Innovation Zone

Free access for all those registered for the show.

This space showcases some of the most innovative IoT solutions for the smart management and use of water

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The IoT offers innovative technologies and solutions of great added value for the water sector.

The integration of the IoT in water management brings great benefits to the value chain. Both the managers and users of swimming pools, wellness centres and spas can use their smartphone or other device to monitor the condition of the water, the temperature, energy consumption, the state of conservation, etc. simply by adding genuine solutions that offer savings, safety and comfort to their facilities. Furthermore, in the cloud these processes are integrated with sensor systems and other existing devices which speed up decision-making processes and increase the opportunities to personalise and adapt these facilities to different environments.

These are some of the solutions you could found in this space:

- Monitoring
- Flow control
- Temperature cycles
- Water quality and purity
- Maintenance systems
- Condensation and humidity control systems
- Energy efficiency systems
- System automation
- Water as a resource for leisure and entertainment
- Water as a therapeutic and experiential resource
- Etc.