Wellness Spa
Experience Seminars

18 - 19 OCTOBER

Piscina & Wellness Room. Hall 1. (next to the Wellness Spa Experience)

Free entrance for all registered visitors to the show.

Wednesday 18

10:00 – 10:30


10:30 – 11:00



11:00 – 12:00


Installations and equipment recommended for spas or hydrotherapy centres. Promotion and profitability in the water zone.

Antonio Freire Magariños - Hydrology Doctor, Manager of Gala Termal.

Presentation of the Wellness Spa Experience 2017 centre.

Santiago González García - Architect, Manager of Estudio NAOS. Presented by: Teresa Pacheco Osa - Manager of Tribuna Termal, coordinator of the Wellness Spa Experience Professional Seminars.

12:00 – 13:00

Round table
Water as the key element of spas and thalassotherapy centres.

The role of hydrotherapy in promoting health and wellbeing.

Antonio Freire Magariños.

The importance of water quality and the ideal conditions that should prevail in wet rooms.

Salvador Ramos Rey - Doctor specialising in Hydrotherapy and Nutrition. Medical Manager of Talaso Atlántico and the Loida Spa.Moderator: Jordi Angli Sallarés - President of the Catalan Association of Health Resorts.

13:00 – 13:30


Cornerstones and benefits of aquatic therapy.

María Alonso Fraile - Physiotherapist at the Instituto San José Foundation. Aquatic Therapy Unit

13:30 – 14:30

Presentation of workshops

Experiencing the mechanics of water.

María Alonso Fraile - Physiotherapist and expert in aquatic therapy

Wellness Method

Cristina Pérez Rodríguez - CEO, Método Wellness. President of Mundo Wellness Foundation.

Passive mobilisations in water: towards bodily fluidity.

Elena Villacieros Arangüena

Ai Chi and Water Dream

Pablo Olabe

14:30 – 16:15




16:30 – 18:30

Round Table
Professionalism in the sector in Spain: needs and challenges.

The lack of leadership in spas and the importance of training our managers in core competencies.

Sonal Uberoi - International expert in the spa industry

The main indicators for a spa to be considered an individual business unit in its own right.

Lucía Peris - Corporate Manager for Europe of the Spa Palladium Hotel Group.

How to increase profitability and excellence without increasing costs.

César Tejedor - Manager of Massage Around the World and Ambassador of the Global Wellness Day and Global Mentorship Program.

The treatment menu. Key factors for the success of both the centre and the cosmetics firm.

Pilar Múñoz Correcher - Beauty and wellness expert

The natural, environmentally-friendly spa: a trend in increasing demand.

Quentin Goyé - Expert in beauty and wellness marketing and communication. Moderated by Meritxell Llorca - Founder & CEO of BSpa Consulting.

18:30 – 19:00

An area for discussion and debate

Proposed subject: The latest news and trends in the wellness sector both nationally and internationally.

Moderator: Angels Verdaguer - Spa Manager, Hotel Omm.


Thursday 19


11:30 – 11:45

Proposals session
The integration of new philosophies and disciplines as distinctive elements of spaces that specialise in health and quality of life.

Integrative medicine and active ageing.

Salvador Ramos Rey

Synergies between hospitals and hydrotherapy centres for trauma rehabilitation.

Mamen Martínez - Manager, Costa Cálida Cares

Baby-Wellness + Matro-Wellness

Noemi Suriol Puigvert - Physiotherapist specialising in neuropediatrics Carlos Prieto - Clinical psychologist, Master in Industrial Business Management. Moderator: Raquel Díaz Ocampo - Tourism, Spa and Wellness consultant, vice-president of AITB.

11:45 – 12:15


The importance of architecture and design in the creation of sensory spaces.

Alberto Apostoli - Architect and designer.

12:15 – 14:30

Meeting session
Integrating other viewpoints: Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa.

Where and how is the future of wellness being designed?

Javier Suárez Sánchez - Director of Spa Management Spain and Spa Manager of Six Senses Douro Valley.

Europe, a long-standing spa tradition and avant-garde wellness.

Gerard André - Expert in spas and wellness resorts.

The Hammam as a catalyst for well-being and urban sustainability in the 21st century.

Magda Sibley - Arquitect, CEO of HISolar.

Trends in the wellness industry in the American market.

Diana Mestre - General Manager of Mestre Spa Mestre.

Spas and wellness in Latin America: a culture still under construction.

Teresita Van Strate - Consultant and Director of TVS Asesorías Técnicas, Latin America.

Eco Spa Huatulco (Mexico), an example of interprofessional collaboration.

Iván Peláez Piña - Manager at Eco Spa Huatulco. México. Moderator: Alfredo Pérez Sainz de la Maza - President of Spatermal.

14:30 – 16:15



16:30 – 17:00


Cementing clients' loyalty through wellness experiences.

José Cantero Gómez - Director of Experiential Marketing at Dicendi.

17:00 – 17:30


Main marketing strategies adapted to wellness.

Mónica González-Mateo - Coordinator of Internal Marketing, Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

18:00 – 19:00

Brief presentations
This space is open to brief presentations on specific information and news.
  • AITB virtual campus, training courses.
  • Quality standards for wellness centres.
  • Global Wellness Day.
  • Global mentorship program
  • Vocational Training course on Personal Image