Newsletter #04



This month we would like to share with you the project that transformed the Bahía Príncipe Grand Tulúm Hotel, in the heart of the Riviera Maya. A wholesale remodelling that included the construction of a 1000 m2 children's water entertainment area, entirely themed with the local culture, environment and nature. An international example of how innovation makes perfect sense when it takes people's well-being to heart!

Check out their facilities!  


Bahía Príncipe Grand Tulúm





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Aquaticum, Hungary

The project features a first-class thermal spa, a water park, a 4-star hotel and a sauna area.


Holbox, Mexico

An architectural marvel that places water in the absolute spotlight of the entire facility, plus the most avant-garde technology and design.

Alaïa Bay, Swiss Alps

A pioneering project in Europe that has made the impossible possible: surfing in the mountains, thousands of kilometres from the sea!


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