An acknowledgement of talent and a commitment to innovation

In 2021 the categories of the Piscina & Wellness Awards were structured upon three pillars: wellness, health and community. New and refurbishment work projects meeting one of these three demand-related needs were recognised in this manner. The Wellness Experience and the International Architecture Competition for Students were the other two competitions organised by the fair.

01. Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Award Winners

Most innovative connectivity-related product
Neolysis 2 UV + Saline Electrolysis Astralpool - Fluidra
For its useful Oled touch screen for monitoring the main parameters and the four output relays for managing other pool peripherals. This product can control all the functions via a mobile phone and it’s compatible with the home automation of the Fluidra pool platform.
Most innovative sustainability-related product
EPS Pools - Hydra System Pools
For its benefits in terms of sustainability and usability. This modular system for the construction of swimming pools ensures a reduction in structural weight, energy savings in heated pools, rapid installation, ease of assembly in complex locations and unlimited customisation.
Swimming pools mean wellness


Zamá Fun Area - Bahía Príncipe Grand Tulum - Piñero Group
For the creativity and imagination involved in creating a unique and distinctive environment for children and family leisure, recovering the history and experiencing the origins of the Mayan culture.
Swimming pools mean wellness


Punta Caliza Hotel - Macías Peredo Studio
For its architecture, swimming pool and flooded corridors, which captivate travellers when they stay at this small design hotel located on Holbox Island in Mexico.

Swimming pools mean health


Alaïa Bay - Alaïa SA
For becoming the first surfing pool in continental Europe (it’s located in the Swiss Alps and it offers a comprehensive and unique experience for all kinds of customers) and for being a tourist destination in itself.
Swimming pools mean health


Aquatic Therapy Unit - San José Foundation Hospital
For housing an area intended exclusively for therapeutic use so as to provide an effective response in the field of the rehabilitation of neurological patients.
Swimming pools unite communities
Aquaticum Debrecen
For creating a unique immersive 3D experience. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment and historical and social elements and creating an architectural concept focused on the life-giving aspect of water and the surrounding forest, as reflected in the spa’s horizontal and vertical surfaces.
A special mention for the Fluidra Foundation and its President, Joan Planes
For the work and innovative drive that Joan Planes, the President of the Fluidra Foundation and the founder of the company, has given to the sector throughout his widely renowned career.

02. Wellness Experience Award Winners

Best spa
Aqva banys Romans - Thermal baths, Girona
For its exclusive bathing circuit with three pools at different temperatures to evoke the Roman tradition in a place with 2,000 years of history. Visitors can complement the circuit with a massage and there’s also a hamman, a pediluvium and a halotherapy room.
Best resort
Las Caldas Villatermal - Asturia
For the work and innovative drive that Joan Planes, the President of the Fluidra Foundation and the founder of the company, has given to the sector throughout his widely renowned career.
Best thalassotherapy centre
Thalasia Costa de Murcia Hotel & Spa
For its use of natural seawater as a source of health and wellness applied to marine pools, the Thalasia marine circuit massage, the marine slime and the aquatic physiotherapy.

03. Winners International Architecture Competition

First prize
Aquatic Sanctuary - Meiji University, Japan
For perceiving the future of architecture as an element integrated into the natural world and its principles with the source of the existing building. As its name suggests, the area is intended to be a sanctuary, a place where water serves as a medium for generating new life.
Second prize
Barcelona Water Park - Zhejiang University of Technology - China
For its creation of a unique place based on the ancient Roman baths, creating enclosed areas for people to gather in and corridors around the bathing areas, all of which are surrounded by walls that represent the shapes created by the waves of water.
Third prize
The flow - Chongqing University, China

For seeking inspiration in the shapes that the drops of water create when they come together, split and collide and for capturing the above in a space that combines an outdoor park for enjoying the area around the Sagrada Familia and a sustainable underground spa that uses rainwater.