Armando Prallong Palacio

Technical Sales Department | CalplasRentería, Spain
Armando Prallong Palacio


Armando Prallong, an expert in public swimming pools since the 1990s; he has carried out large-scale works in aquariums and water parks, ornamental fountains, public swimming pools, both for use in sports as well as large Hydrotherapy facilities, Health Resorts, Spas and Hotels. His additional training as a Quality Auditor and Safety and ORP Coordinator contribute to a global approach to the development of facilities. Armando is also a Technica


Round Table | Congress Area V Aquatic Leisure Symposium

Practical examples of sustainability in the aquatic leisure sector

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Armando Prallong Palacio
Armando Prallong PalacioCalplasTechnical Sales Department
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30-11-2021 17:0030-11-2021 18:00Europe/MadridPractical examples of sustainability in the aquatic leisure sector

The concept of sustainability needs to be translated into specific measures and actions. If we focus on the public swimming pool environment, one factor to improve sustainability focuses on energy efficiency. There are two types of consumption with particular significance: energy consumption and water consumption. Today we will review both areas of action, with an emphasis on how to be more energy efficient and how to reduce water consumption and even reuse water that traditionally just goes down the drain.

Hall 5 | Main Auditorium Congress Area
Tue 30 17:00h - 18:00h Hall 5 | Main Auditorium Congress Area