We are a Towards Zero Impact event

Toward Zero Impact is an initiative powered by Piscina & Wellness Barcelona to reduce waste, save resources and boost the event's sustainability.
That's why we strive to calculate and offset our GHG emissions, separate waste and promote energy efficiency.



What do we do to achieve the highest sustainability?

We use vitalized sea water

We are taking a significant step toward sustainability. Pools and spas will be filled with seawater, harnessing the nearly infinite resource of the sea and drastically reducing the consumption of fresh water. With the collaboration of Masque Iniciativas.

We’re planting 2,000 trees

Our commitment to sustainability is real. That’s why this year we’re collaborating with Tree Nation and we’re planting 2,000 trees generating environmental and social impacts in 7 different world regions, including gender equality, conservation, reforestation...

We reuse

All the communes areas will be desgigned from reused material. As well, at the end of the event, all the material used in these spaces are returned to the supplier so that it can be used, if possible, for other purposes as a third life cycle.

Ensuring carbon neutrality

Offsetting the GHG emissions associated with the event's organisation and the participation of all speakers (including their travel and time spent in Barcelona) by funding high quality carbon offset projects.


The event supports and communicate about the SDG and the Agenda 2030.

Circular economy

Most of the furniture (stands, furniture press-corner, easels) were re-used from previous events

Fight food waster

Any food surplus is picked up by an NGO at the end of each day, and is distributed to community kitchens.

What could you do? Help us become a more sustainable event

Return your badge before leaving

Hand in your badge at the return point. Our lanyards are made with recyclable materials. They are dully collected and recycled!

Ensuring carbon neutrality

Offset the carbon footprint related to your participation at the event via the Clean CO2 platform.

Use recycle bins

Separate your waste in the recycling containers available throughout the site.

Reduce paper consumption

Reduce the use of paper through digital invoices.

Sustainable mobility

We encourage you to move in the city in a sustainable way! Uses public transport to attend the event.